Invepar manages the São Paulo GRU International Airport since the end of 2012 and will operate it for more 20 years. The largest airport in South America receives more than 36 million passengers per year, a number that will increase to 60 million when all the forecasted investments are completed. To ensure the highest quality standard in the administration and operation of the Airport, Invepar partnered with Airport Company South Africa (ACSA), which already operates some of the world's most efficient airports such as the Johannesburg airport, in South Africa, and the Mumbai airport, in India.
The garage building was inaugurated in May 2013, adding more than 2,600 parking spaces. The building has an eight-story structure and area of 89,000 sq.m. After the inauguration, the airport will have 7,500 places, representing an increase of 87% in number of places available before the concession. A new aircraft yard will also be built, with 36 spaces. Other two hotels should be built, as well as a convention center and a mall.
One of the most important improvements is the construction of Terminal 3, concluded in May 2014. The new area has technologies and equipment comparable to those of the best airports worldwide and offers more agility, security and comfort to passengers. In addition, with the delivery of Terminal 3, the main bottlenecks of the airport were eliminated: more parking spaces and new yards were created and the terminal area more than doubled. Focused on international flights, the new space has initial capacity to receive 12 million people per year, in the first phase, with an area of 192,000 sq.m.
And there is more coming! Soon, the retrofit project on Terminals 1 and 2 will begin, increasing luggage pick-up areas, passport control, x-ray as well as commercial and services areas.

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