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About Us

Invepar is a Brazilian group which operates in the transportation infrastructure segment in Brazil and abroad, focusing on the management and operation of toll roads, urban mobility systems, and airports. 
Currently, the Invepar Group comprises 12 public-service concessionaires in the toll road, urban mobility and airport segments. In addition to strict compliance with the Group’s Code of Ethics, as well as the most rigorous national and international technical standards in its areas of activity, all Group companies are committed to the safety and comfort of their users, the quality of the service they provide, and the environmental and social well-being of their surrounding communities. 
As a company driven by the highest ethical standards and fully committed to destinations in the country, it is fully aware that Brazil’s development requires massive investments in transportation infrastructure and that the success of its work is of direct or indirect interest to the entire population.
It therefore does everything possible to anticipate needs and focuses on creating intermodal solutions in a proactive and planned manner, sustaining the expansion of its business through best corporate governance and social responsibility practices.
By making high quality service, the generation of results and social and environmental responsibility synonymous with its brands, Invepar has become a sector benchmark and one of the largest private infrastructure operators in Brazil, whose investments have ensured profitability for its shareholders, satisfaction for society and sustainable growth for the country.


Invepar's history begins in 2000, when the Group was created and took over two important concessions, LAMSA - Linha Amarela S.A., in Rio de Janeiro, and CLN - Concessionária Litoral Norte, in Bahia.
Having established this solid foundation, Invepar concentrated its efforts on providing operational support to these companies and seeking out new alliances and opportunities in the sector – a strategy that was later complemented with the structuring and implementation of its own management model and a streamlined management development plan.
In this way, a Group was formed with a bold profile, which took on an additional nine companies in recent years and has achieved a trajectory marked by major investments, continued growth and solid service provided to the country.
And this is just the beginning. This trajectory will certainly continue for a long period of time, thanks to the unrestricted commitment of Invepar to Brazil’s future. 
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Our businesses

The Invepar Group is currently composed of 14 public service concessionaire companies that specialize in Highways, Airports and Urban Mobility. In addition to rigorously adhering to the Group’s Code of Ethics and Conduct and the most stringent national and international standards in their respective areas of operation, all of the companies are committed to the safety and comfort of their users, the quality of the services provided, and the social and environmental well-being of the communities surrounding these concessions.




Corporate videos, initiatives, projects and everything else recorded on video, so that you may feel part of our company. Watch them and get to know the group that brings Intelligent Mobility to you!