Linha Amarela S/A – LAMSA

The LinhaAmarela is one of the main expressways in Rio de Janeiro.It is 20 km long and it connects Barra da Tijuca, on the city’s west side, to Ilha do Fundão, on the city’s north side. Approximately 430,000 vehicles use the expressway every day, of which 130,000 pass through the toll plaza.

Given the significant increase in the number of vehicles using the expressway, LAMSA has continuously been working to find solutions that ensure the continued flow of traffic and the safety of its users, investing approximately R$XXX in the last XX years alone.

In addition to shortening distances and reducing the commuting time between the two regions, the LinhaAmarela was built with the clear mission of revitalizing a major portion of the city’s north side.As a result, LAMSA and the City of Rio de Janeiro signed an amendment to the concession contract that provides for the investment of R$251 million in improvements along the expressway and its surroundings by 2012. In response, the concession, which would have ended in 2022, was extended for an additional 15 years.


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