Code of Ethics and Conduct

Invepar's Code of Ethics and Conduct is a document that defines the ethical guidelines of the companies of the Invepar group and establishes standards of fair and responsible relationship with all the publics which the group relates with.

Its original text is the result of a project developed during 2011/2012, when the Board of Directors, the Ethics Committee and the Board of Invepar promoted a series of discussions to arrive at a document that guided, without leaving any doubts, the behavior of the group's employees in all situations of their day to day.

Considering the worldwide movement to combat corruption, here in Brazil strengthened by Law 12.846/13 and its regulating decree 8.420/15, in 2017 we restructured our Code of Ethics and Conduct, with the purpose of better guiding our daily activities, in addition to to strengthen our basic principles.


The Code of Ethics and Conduct aims to disseminate the ethical guidelines of the companies of the Invepar group, which must be followed and disseminated by those present in its value chain, including but not limited to its Directors, Officers, Members of Committees, Employees, Trainees, Young Apprentices, Service Providers, Suppliers and those acting on behalf of any company in the Invepar group.


- People and teams;
- Honesty, ethics and integrity;
- Socio-environmental responsibility;
- Entrepreneurship;
- Commitment;
- Respect;
- Innovation.

DOWNLOAD HERE Invepar's Code of Ethics and Conduct.


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